It’s with great regret that I announce the sunsetting of and its associated web properties. Effective from 20th June 2014 and will be taken offline, or redirected to a holding page.

I officially launched in October 2013 at a small gathering of Tasmania’s finest ICT crew at the Typewriter Factory in Hobart and at the time I had very high hopes and dreams that it would succeed and become one of Australia’s leading ICT job sites.

Unfortunately was not an overnight success because life got in the way and I found myself in a position where I could no longer spend as much time or energy developing, and maybe more importantly, marketing it.

Jobric, the business, will continue in the short term, and may even launch a new and better version of a type product in the future.

Thank you to all the exceedingly enthusiastic supporters that have let me know both the good and bad things about since my very first beta version.

Peter Wallhead

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